Salve: Words For The Journey is a compilation of poetry, prose, and journaling prompts written by psychiatrist and author Monisha Vasa, MD.


Salve will take you on a deeply personal journey of mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotional well-being, and will occupy a permanent place on your nightstand. This will be the book you turn to day after day when in need of inspiration or solace in life's journey.


A series of pithy poems inviting the reader to drop beneath the mundane into the ethereal truths of being-ness. The poems are laid out in a linear fashion- LIFE, LOVE, and AWAKENING. First come the wisdom teachings on discernment regarding the practicalities of life. Then on to love- the bridge between the mundane and the infinite. Lastly, the reader is led towards the experiential, a journey to no destination, where everywhere is home and love is arising naturally as an innate element of awakening.